Über uns

餐廳位於慕尼黑大學區Schwabing的中心,介於慕尼黑大學和慕尼黑工大之間,地鐵沿線U2/U8Theresienstraße和Josephsplatz之間,離慕尼黑現代藝術博物館和古典藝術博物館均為幾分鐘的步行距離。餐廳附近散落著七七八八的咖啡廳、小酒館、書店和畫廊,客人們在享受美食之餘還能雕刻時光。Our restaurant is located in the middle of the vibrant quarter Schwabing, with equal distances to University Munich and Technical University of Munich. By Metro U2/U8 you can reach us conveniently from station Theresienstraße or Josephsplatz. Both the classic and modern art galleries are within walking distance. And there are also plenty of coffeehouses, book stores, bars and private galleries nearby for you to discover.

作為土生土長的四川人,原料和口味的正宗是我們對火鍋的基本要求。重慶四川的地道火鍋料配上巴伐利亞的好山好水好食材,便是慕尼黑的“重慶火鍋”。Being native to Sichuan province, we only use the authentic ingredients from Sichuan and Tschungking for our hotpot. Coupled with high quality food from the local Bavarian region, Tschungking Hotpot offers a unique taste of Sichuan/Tschungking hotpot like nowhere else.